Heavy Truck: Kraz 6322






KRAZ-6322  (63221)
KRAZ-6322 (KRAZ-63221) cross-country truck-chassis is intended to be fitted with special and industrial type plants and can be operated on all kind of roads, off-roads and on the local roads. Climatic versions under ГОСТ 15150 – «У», «Т».

The truck is completed with the spare parts, tools and accessories set. On the customer’s request the truck can come complete with the restarting preheater.


Truck kerb weight, kg: 11600
– through front axle tires 6100
– through bogie tires 5500
Truck full mass, kg: 23000
– through front axle tires 7000
– through bogie tires 16000
Load carryng capacity (*Permissible payload), kg 11200 (*13000)
Permissible towed trailer full mass, kg  
– on all kinds of roads, off-roads and on the local roads 10000
– on hard covered roads 30000
– air-crafts towing on concrete covered airfields 75000


Engine YaMZ-238D
turbocharged diesel
Number of cylinders 8/V-SHAPED
Diameter / piston stroke, mm 130/140
Displacement, l 14,86
Power, kW/h.p. at 2100 min-1 243/330
Maximum engine torque moment, N*m (kgf*m) at 1200-1400 min-1 1225/125
Gross power under SAE J816, kW/h.p. at 2300 min-1 265/360
Maximum engine torque moment under SAE J816, n*m (kgf*m) at 1200-1400 min-1 1305/133
Clutch 2-disc, dry
Gear box 2-range, 8-speed
Gear box gear-ratios 7,73; 5,52; 3,94; 2,80; 1,96; 1,39; 1,00; 0,71
Reverse 10,46; 2,99
Final drive central axles, 2-staged,1-speed,through-type intermediate axle
Final drive ratio 8,17
Transfer case gear ratios:  
– high gear 0,95
– low gear 1,31


Front suspension rigid-axle type, on 2 semielliptical springs operating in combination with 2 hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear suspension rigid-axle, balance-type, on 2 semielliptical springs
Steering mechanical, with hydraulic booster
Service brake drum-type wheels brake mechanisms with inner shoes
Parking brake drum-type transmission brake on the transfer case outlet shaft, mechanically driven
Auxiliary brake throttle-type, pneumatic drive mounted in the exhaust system
Rim size 440-533
Tires 1300х530-533
Fuel tank, l 2х250
Voltage, V 24
Maximum speed, km/h 80
Maximum upgrade slope, % 58
Control fuel consumption, l/100 km 33,4
Turning radius, m 13,5
Crossing ford depth (with hard bottom), m 1,2
This information is intended to be for general information only.
The manufacturer reserve the right to modify or change specifications any time.
For more detailed information consult your dealer


Produced from 1999. Its based on KrAZ-255 and KrAZ-260. Number of these trucks were produced for US army to be used in Iraq war. Optionally YaMZ-238DE2 engine is available but also number of different engines to suit customers needs (for example volvo engines). Also 12 000 kg winch and central tyre inflation systems are available as option.

There are many modifications like rocket carrier, trailer tractor etc.

Wheels 6×6

Engine (YaMZ-238D)

Formula  V8 diesel
Power 330 hp
Torque 688 lb/ft @ 1250-1450 rpm
Displacement 14,866  liters
Fuel consumption  33,5
liters/100 km

Max speed 80 km/h

Lenght 9100  mm
Width 2720  mm
Height 3300 mm
Wheelbase 4600+1400 mm
Ground clearance 370 mm
Turning radious 13 500 mm

Cerb weight 12 500 kg
Payload 10 200 kg
Trailer 10 000/30 000/ 75 000 kg (gravel/highway/airport runway)

Max ascent angle fully loaded 58 degrees
Fording 1200 mm
Trench 600 mm
Vertical step 700 mm


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