Dear overseas businessmen, 

Dunia Itora is a group of professionals who start dealing with brokerage business in marketing wide range of products to Indonesian customers from overseas companies’ products range. So we would be happy to be your representative agent to maintain your business deals from the earlier stage to the final stage of Purchase Contract. 

We are doing intermediary who mediate in selling and buying between customers in Indonesia and principals in overseas countries, as such manufacturers’ products or stock list of suppliers in the line of mechanical or technical equipments for ship, aircraft industries and industrials. 

We are able to facilitate of finding customers on request and then to follow up the progress until both parties; customers and principals get their mutual benefit of the business contract. We would be happy to get our brokerage commission for the success fee based on agreement on the percentage of purchase value. 

We feel to be strong enough to have relationship contacts in the whole transportation facility areas, as for land transportation purposes as of train, special truck for fire-brigade; for sea transportation purposes as of ships, ferries; for air transportation purposes as of airlines facilities, aircraft maintenance facilities, airframe manufactures, including technological equipments for industrial sectors as for electricity power plant, petrochemical, and other bulky based equipments. 

The persons in charge in this business are mostly graduated in engineering qualifications that were retirement previously involved in the range of the business, so this would be the valuable knowledge background to develop the business track toward the future. 

If you find this information this group to be beneficial to your business line, please do not hesitate to contact the following addresses: 

Contact Person:   

  • Mr. Maridup Hutauruk  +62-81319817959
  • or Mr.  Mulyadi Aryadi  +62-816961518

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